What I’ve Taken Away From This Class


The Chemistry of Food has taught me so much about food culture. From boiling points to myoglobin, this course has taken me from the beginning stages of food being made to the end stage of how it can affect our future. Plus, the course was shoved into 3 weeks which made it even more intense, but I personally think more beneficial. What I think has affected me most, however, was a comment made today about the ability to learn.

As we have journeyed through elementary school and high school, we all have been taught several different subjects that most of us don’t even remember. However, those two stages at the beginning are what brought us to our college journey today and without them, we would not be here. When we were asked today why we were at Centre College, the first answer that popped into my head was to get an education. Even though that may be true, what I failed to realize was that I have been getting an education all my life. The most important part of getting an education, however, is the part we all struggle with: learning how to learn and how to solve problems. In elementary school, we were shown how to solve the problem but could always ask the teacher if we needed extra help. We didn’t need to learn how to learn because we were kids. We just wanted to be grown-ups. Now that I’m in college, I see the true meaning behind each of those. Although I’ve been taught so much, it won’t matter whether I remember it in the future or not because I will most likely be forced to learn it again. What does matter is that I teach myself the process that learning takes on so that I can practice it in all my future endeavors. We never stop learning. Therefore, learning how to learn is vital to our success not just now, but for as long as we live. In college, the teacher isn’t just there to repeat to you how to do something; sometimes, you have to take it upon yourself to learn how to solve the problem. If I’ve learned anything my first semester in college, it’s that and this class has also validated that fact for me. Although I am not alone, it is important that I learn how to do it myself because I won’t always have someone there to tell me. That is not only a college lesson but a life lesson as well.

Although I very much enjoyed being able to experiment with flavors, gluten, protein and creams, I think that speech given today is one aspect I will never forget from this class. This class has taught me to learn just for the fun of it and not to worry so much about the grade. In the end, that is what learning is all about, isn’t it? We learn to be knowledgeable, but in order to reach that goal, we must first learn how to learn and I think this class is definitely one of the first stepping stones to that process. Once we learn how to learn, problem solving will come along as well and those skills will be used forever in life. I have to admit, I am sad this class is ending. Yet, this is not the end and the memories we’ve all made will be cherished forever.

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“What I’ve Taken Away From This Class”

  1. January 27th, 2014 at 1:39 am      Reply Ben Says:

    I missed the speech as I was printing out our progress report, but I think you make a lot of good points. I had never really thought about it as having to learn how to learn. Pretty deep stuff. Props to Dr. Haile

  2. January 27th, 2014 at 1:42 am      Reply vanessa158 Says:

    I like how you made the comment that we have been getting an education all of our life. That is definitely true but it’s something most of us don’t even realize. The speech Dr. Haile gave us that day will stick in my mind forever, too. She made some great points that I never considered and we all are here at Centre for more reasons that just to get an education.

  3. January 27th, 2014 at 5:31 am      Reply landon158 Says:

    I also agree that we focus way too much on the grades we make. While grades are extremely important we need to remember to just learn, and that if we can do that our grades will reflect it.

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